The Token Economy

A new concepttoken economicsis emerging.


Digital tokens (‘programmable‘ forms of money) create an opportunity to do far more that we could ever do with traditional money (e.g., dollar, euro, rupee, yen).


Traditional money is limited to payment only; however, digital tokens create an opportunity to combine payment, loyalty programs, local advertising, social networking and so much more.


Get Vibecoin and use digital tokens to future-proof your business.


Make and Receive Payment with Vibecoin Tokens

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe suggestions from people they know more than advertising.


With Vibecoin, you can not only receive payment from your customers, you can also lower your customer acquisition costs by rewarding your customers when they influence their friends to buy from your business (essentially, advertise for you).


Your Customers Pay You

Your customers can pay you with Vibecoin tokens and your brand will incur zero-transaction fees.



You Pay Your Customers

You can pay your customers with Vibecoin tokens when they influence their friends to buy from you.

Your Business + Vibecoin = More Profits


Create a promotion and simply scan and reward your customers and their friends with Vibecoin Rewards tokens when your promotion is redeemed.

Your customers can buy Vibecoin tokens and earn Vibecoin tokens


Your Customers Will Love Vibecoin Tokens

For consumers, Vibecoin Rewards is like Uber except you don’t need to own a car to earn a little extra cash on the side.


With Vibecoin Rewards tokens, merchants can use the money saved from eliminating the hidden tax of transaction fees to offer special discounts and rewards for word-of-mouth referrals that lead to tangible, measurable sales (sales-based influencer marketing).


This new ‘super app’ is the future of local commerce for merchants and consumers.


Earn Vibecoin

Your customers can earn Vibecoin tokens when they influence friends and family to shop and buy from your business.

Redeem Vibecoin

With a single tap, your customers can redeem their Vibecoin tokens anytime for cash for their paid referrals.


Grow Revenues

Lower customer acquisition costs and grow revenue simply by rewarding your customers for referred sales.

It's a Win-Win

It’s a win-win for you and your customers. You eliminate excessive transaction fees and your customers earn Vibecoin tokens (redeemable for cash) for simply supporting your business.


Download Vibecoin App

Local payments and marketing made easy with Vibecoin tokens and QR Codes