Our Mission

Our Mission

To accelerate the transition to a decentralized world

(a “DeCent World“).

We believe blockchain-enabled payments are our best chance at accelerating the transition to decentralized finance and advertising

Blockchain-enabled payments will not only eliminate transaction fees for local merchants by decentralizing payments, but they also have the potential to decentralize advertising by rewarding the world’s most credible advertisers — you, your friends and your family members.


VIBES are more than a way to improve profit margins for local merchants. They will be a social equalizer, where the average person can generate extra income by simply doing what they already do — refer their friends and family members to the places they like to Shop, Dine and Play.


Use Vibecoin Tokens to Reward Your Customers and Feel Good About It

It’s hard to feel good about paying for advertising when you’re paying large tech platforms to interrupt people.


In contrast, it’s easy to feel good about paying for advertising with Vibecoin because we have baked social good and decentralized advertising into the core of our business model.


Every reward you pay with VIBES (a new crypto for local commerce) gets reinvested in your local community because you’re paying your customers who LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY in your local community to market your business, NOT some platform.

Join the Local Giveback Movement

With each ad dollar you pay your customers with Vibecoin tokens, your business is giving back to your local community. Pay for advertising and finally feel good about it.